Cairngorms National Park: 01479 873 535

Phone the Cairngorms National Park in Scotland by calling their UK contact number 01479 873 535 for enquiries about hiking, holiday cottages and hotel accommodation in the local area.


About the Cairngorms National Park

The Cairngorms National Park is the largest within Scotland as well as the whole of the United Kingdom, forming over 2800 square miles of stunning plateau countryside, picturesque settlements and flowing rivers. The park is also home to some of the rarest species in the country including the famous red squirrel, Scottish wild cat and the capercaillie which is a turkey-sized bird with highly distinctive plumage.


Contact the Cairngorms National Park – 01479 873 535

Phone the Cairngorms National Park authority by dialling their general enquiries contact number 01479 873 535 for facts about the local area, to get a weather update and for tourist advice such as things to do in the park. This helpline is extremely useful for hikers as you can contact them to get the best routes to follow, a weather update so you can plan a safe excursion and for details about the mountain peaks in the national park boundary. You should also call the national park authority on this helpline to notify them of activities damaging the natural landscape such as fly-tipping and illegal hunting. Finally please call this helpline for further details on how you can support the park by volunteering for management roles and to make a telephone donation.


Holiday accommodation at the Cairngorms National Park

You can use the accommodation finder service offered by the Visit Cairngorms tourism board to find suitable holiday cottages or hotels within the Cairngorms National Park area. Here you can enter your criteria such as the number of people you are travelling with and your dates, interested hotel organisations will then be in touch with you with their room rates. You can also choose from a range of campsites and log cabins scattered around the National Park which is ideal for those looking on getting back in touch with nature.


Write to the Cairngorms National Park authority

You can also write to the Cairngorms National Park authority by sending your letters to their office address below where you can send photos which they can use in their promotional material as well as feedback on ways they can preserve the natural landscape of the park.

Cairngorms National Park Authority,
14 The Square,
Grantown on Spey,
PH26 3HG,
United Kingdom.